Google Summer of Code: Participate in LXDE and Debian and help improving lubuntu

LXDE and Debian have been accepted as a mentoring organizations for Google Summer of Code 2010. This is great news for lubuntu, which uses LXDE and shares a lot (Code, packaging systems etc.) with Debian. lubuntu will profit from the development of LXDE and Debian directly. The lubuntu project is looking forward to a great summer with more people joining.For Debian: Please check out the project information on the Debian wiki page here: . Debian IRC on #debianFor LXDE: Please propose ideas for the program on the LXDE idea page. Students wishing to apply, please check out the Student Check List in the wiki and join #lxde for discussions. A Chinese channel is open on #lxde-zh. A German channel is available at #lxde-de. The LXDE mailing…
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