LXFind and LXScreenshot

> Ok, i have a question, will LxFind and LxScreenshot will included in
> Lubuntu Precise? or the feature freeze is already gone?

Feature Freeze is not passed, but the application should be ready before, ideally on February 1st, to have some time to package / test / evaluate. IMO, LxFind is not ready, and will not be in time. For
Lxscreenshot, it should be tested, be sure translation support is fine, and compare it with scrot, to be sure we have at least all those features. 

From the horses mouth (Our head of Development).

4 thoughts on “LXFind and LXScreenshot

  • Otacon

    I want to help you to make LXFind and LXScreenshot better. I can’t find these apps source code, can you send me a link?

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