lubuntu lucid final test release

Julien Lavergne generated a final iso lubuntu testing release before announcing the public release.

The download is available here:


The release fixed a problem with installed languages, and includes some bug fixes for pcmanfm/libfm. 

Please test it and report any blocker you are encountering that would stop this release to become the lubuntu 10.04 release. This iso should be the last one if no other problems are found.

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  • Anonymous

    I tried to install Lubuntu from the final iso testing release on my old ThinkPad T23; it booted correctly from the CD I burned, but, when I tried to install it, it gave me an IO error during the copy of files.

    Suspecting a burning problem, I tried with another CD, with no luck. Then I started it with “check CD for defects option”, and it gave me an error in one file.

    I did the CD test again directly from the iso in a virtual machine (in VirtualBox), and it too gave me the same error; I thought that it could be a download error, but the md5sum is the same one of the file you linked.

    Any idea?

    By the way, I managed anyhow to play a bit with Lubuntu and I found it very light and well done, my compliments to the lubuntu team. ūüôā

  • Anonymous

    I’ve been testing every lubuntu release since the 9.10 betas. The jump to the 10.04 betas was huge! Which made lubuntu the most exciting ubuntu derivative ever! The speed, the looks, the browser, the network reliability and the overall choice of programs… it’s absolutely superb.

    The first two problems I have to point out, are not distro related but more an organizational issue. Ubuntu and its official derivatives have a launchpad section which allows them to report bugs in an orderly fashion, something that doesn’t seem to be working with lubuntu’s. The second problem, is the error that this website presents when posting an anonymous comment, which newcomers might interpret as an error on their side and spam the site until they give up.

    Now, for the problems with the distro. I’m going to start with the ones that might pull a newcomer away from this particular distro, since ubuntu takes pride on its user friendliness.

    1. No drivers available on the menu Preferences/Hardware Drivers. I know lubuntu is aimed at low resources computers but you can’t forget about users with more recent computers that just want great performance.

    2. Awful flash performance. My computer’s temperature just goes off the charts when I watch some flash content with it. I read somewhere that you could play flash content on mplayer? Don’t know if it is true or not but it would be awesome! Just think about it… Automatically blocking the browser’s unwanted flash content and when you want to watch something, just click on the desired flash window of the browser and it will open the content on mplayer. Great browser security and great flash performance. Like I said, don’t know if it is possible but it would be great. Anyway, this is a problem that needs to be fixed.

    3. Automatic updates not shown on the desktop. I think you guys already knew about this one. But the ubuntu folks seemed to be particularly focused on the need to make updates visible while discussing the future of the systray.

    Now, for some minor errors that you guys might want to check out before sending your request of approval to the ubuntu folks:

    4. Direct install without entering a live session doesn’t work. If you click on it, you get redirected to a live session. If by clicking on “Install Lubuntu” you get the same result as “Try Lubuntu without any changes”, why not simply remove the “Install Lubuntu” option? Or simply fix it.

    5. The chronic “1 error found” after checking the CD integrity. Yeah… it’s been there since the first 10.04, I believe. Can’t believe you guys didn’t knew about it that already.

    6. Splash screen problem. Now, this was critical on beta 3, I believe. But now, on the final testing version, I only got it when I did the “Install Lubuntu” thing I described on the 4th point. Don’t know if the “Try Lubuntu without changes” shows the same purple ubuntu 10.04 with vulgar font splash screen, instead of the beautifully styled lubuntu blue splash screen.

    Well, I believe that’s all on my behalf. I think that the first non-distro and the top three distro related problems are serious issues. Mainly because its stuff that is already working flawlessly on officially endorsed ubuntu distros and some of them, important for a smooth computing experience. Hope this review helps and that Lubuntu keeps improving like it did this year. Great job guys.

    Best wishes,

  • Anonymous

    Hello, i just tested Lubuntu into Virtualbox, my computer has 512 Mega Ram and 1 core, so i gave my virtual machine 204 Mo. I only tested live session and installation, but before i wanted to check the cd, 1 error found. The md5 is ok, so i assume there is no error. The live session was pretty fast, i didn’t know if the ram was too small but no. Then i installed it on a 8 giga file, 4 giga /, 2 giga swap and 2 giga home,and after reboot it says me that there is errors on / and /home, so i checked the disk and continued.

  • Anonymous

    When I booting from Lubuntu CD (lubuntu-lucid-20100430.iso) I see the boot menu. If I choose ¬†the item “Install Lubuntu” from this menu, then Lubuntu not start the installation immediately, it loads the LiveCD-session (like when you select “Try Ubuntu without installing”).

  • Anonymous

    I have Installed the beta 2 version, since the update of the kernel does not boot X, with the previous version it worked (2.6.32-19.28). I tested the final test release and does not boot.
    My laptop: Dell Inspiron 1150 graphic card Intel Corporation 82852/82855 GM / GME / PM / GMV.

    Any solution?


  • Anonymous

    I dont now if this is a bug or not but when you uninstall chromium it removes the lubuntu-desktop package also.

  • Anonymous

    I write again just to say that the two problems are unrelated; the IO error was due the CD drive, while the “check CD for defects” error seem to be a known bug. I’ll try with another CD reader.

  • Anonymous

    Hi, I am trying Lubuntu and it work very good on my old note book (old vaio stuff). It is very nice looking and fair to use.. Only one thing: i miss the dialog box session to choose the user session… whatever thank you for this project, for me is very close to the original ubuntu spirit ( OS for everybody, wherever and for all kind of computers)

  • Anonymous

    PXE net boot is broken: “Unable to find a live file system in the network”…

    It’s a Lubuntu bug as it works with official ISO.

  • Anonymous

    When I chose “Install Lubuntu” I believe it did the same and gave a desktop with one item on it. Clicking on that icon installed the rest of Lubuntu.

  • Anonymous

    I was able to remove chromium without a problem, after that I installed google chrome (same thing but with flash suport built-in) because I couldn’t play youtube.

  • Anonymous

    I wanted to have a 2×2 pager, but the available layout is linear.
    Hence, I increased the number of workspaces to 4 (using obconf),
    edited .config/openbox/lubuntu-rc.xml, and assigned TWO actions
    to the key combinations S-Up (I prefer the shift to ctrl-alt) and
    S-Down. These are DesktopPrevious (twice, as I said) and
    DesktopNext, respectively.
    I also removed the pager from the panel.
    It would be nice, though, to be able to enter the number of
    rows and columns for the pager and put it in the Dock.
    An external pager (fbpager) works, but it is not part of LXDE.
    Morover, the actions DesktopUp or Down in lubuntu-rc.xml
    have no effect (as long as there is no upper or lower row).
    I hope this will be of help to someone.
    Remo Badii,

  • Anonymous

    Where can I post bugs?
    I have at least 3 bugs, maybe 4 to report.
    I don’t want to get on a mailing list.
    I also notice much here goes unanswered.
    Why not have a normal bug list on launchpad?

  • Anonymous

    I burned Lubuntu and got 1 error when I tried to do a live boot, I re-downloaded and checked the md5sum and it was good. The boot menu (where you pick try without install) disk check returns with 6 file errors. Both downloads have the same error and both have good md5sums. I will try to reply with the error message.

  • Anonymous

    I have two Rom drives, and I tried the other one and it worked? Both Rom Drives are functioning fine and no other errors seen with there use in other OS’s or software.

    The error still happens, but it does not lockup there and it moves past it.

    Maybe some software driver malfunction?, if it is then its with ubuntu as well. Seen lots of logs on there site with this error.

    if this is any help the drive that worked was a dvd-rom and the drive that did not work was a dvd-r/w (LG brand).

  • Anonymous

    please fix hardware drivers issue i need wifi working on hp tx2 touchsmart with broadcom. ill can find driver but i will reinstall when all is working. touch screen does work oob. yayh
    thanks lubuntu, you are a god among insects

  • Anonymous

    I’d love to have Wubi for lubuntu to show off the ease of installation & speed of lubuntu on a rather old laptop to a girl I know.

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