lubuntu Lucid Beta 1 released

Julien Lavergne has released lubuntu Lucid Beta 1. Don’t forget that it’s build with Ubuntu Lucid (10.04) which is still in Beta state of development, so same warnings:

“Pre-releases of Lucid are *not* encouraged for anyone needing a stable system or anyone who is not comfortable running into occasional, even frequent breakage.  They are, however, recommended for Ubuntu developers and those who want to help in testing, reporting, and fixing bugs.”

We passed Feature Freeze, that means most of the features should now be available. It’s now time for testing and fixing bugs.

== New stuff since Alpha 3 ==
* New logo made by Rafael Laguna.
* Addition to the seed
– gnome-disk-utility
– simple-scan

== Specific Lubuntu changes ==
Lubuntu still contains modifications not available in the official repository, you can see them in the Lubuntu PPA [1] :
– New pcmanfm2 and libfm (LP: #523433)
– lubuntu-default-settings with pcmanfm2 support
– lubuntu-artwork with new logo
– lubuntu-meta updated
– lxsession 0.4.3 (LP: #541559)
– lxterminal 0.1.7 (LP: #533466)
– Autostart gnome-authentification (for polkit support) (LP: #529492)
– Fix for blurry shutdown-icon from elementary-icons (LP: #527345)
– Don’t autostart print applet (LP: #529472)

== Testing needed ==
I’ll appreciate some feedbacks about the followings recent additions:
– pcmanfm2, the new filemanager, is still in beta state. Please report bugs on
– lxterminal (new version available)
– Logout command (hibernate, suspend, logout etc …)

== Known bugs ==
* If you test on a USB, the first screen will freeze for a moment when you click on “Try Lubuntu …”. Just wait, it will continue as normal.
* See also

== Reporting bugs ==
Bug reported during testing:

If you want to create a bootable usb system, please use the usb creator directly on Ubuntu.

Please follow the testing process described on this page: . You can also report problems and bugs relative to the tests on this page.

* Torrent:
* Download:
* PPA:

14 thoughts on “lubuntu Lucid Beta 1 released

  • Anonymous

    I have downloaded the ISO file and put it on USB memory. I booted on it and the live system worked fine. The system is very responsive and I think that default applications are great.

    All hardware on my min HP-110 was recognized. I use LXDE with my DEBIAN unstable and I think that is a great idea to put LXDE with Ubuntu to avoid long configuration like I did with DEBIAN.

    Lubuntu is good alternative for limited PCs.

    I’ll install the 10.04 release.

  • Anonymous

    Will be released a 64 bit version too? I know lubuntu runs good on older hardware, but doesn’t it work even better on newer hardware?

  • jogeto

    As blessed buyer of an ASUS eeepc 900, I’m absorbed in a light-weight OS. Put lubuntu on a USB stick and took it for a spin. Overall acquaintance actual good. Just a few remarks/questions:

    Although I’m blessed with Abiword in itself, I charge OpenOffice for its affinity with Microsoft OfficeLotus certificationNo problem: installed OpenOffce through synaptic. Worked fine, except that buttons in theISEB certificationwordprocessor are absolute animal with rediculously ample icons for bold/italic/underline for instance. They are abundant bigger in the OpenOffice supplied with Lucid. Can that be changed?

    It is apparently my abridgement of insight, but I could not acquisition aJuniper Networks certificationambience acceptance foLpi certificationtwo-finger touchpad scrolling. What did I miss?Keep up the acceptable plan and absorbed to see abiding adaptation in due course.


  • matthew

    im new like first month new to windows
    this system is exellent was not a hard
    conversion except i need to learn the
    pc over again whole new set of dos or
    terminal terms
    insomia stikes back

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