Lubuntu 14.04.1 release available

11 thoughts on “Lubuntu 14.04.1 release available

  • GhostZodick

    I lost all my data to install a lubuntu. I hope I’ll have a chance to recover them. I highly recommend to improve the installation process of Lubuntu. Please make it easier to install lubuntu on the existing partitions (without re-format the whole disk). I haven’t figured out how to do it even after I lost all my data.

  • Anonymous User

    To connect to internet I have to install pptp. To install network-manager-pptp I have to be already connected to internet. In fact after installing Lubuntu my computer is completely separated from environment and I can’t do anything. I can forget about updating, browsing, installing new applications, social networking. And I am forced to download network-manager-pptp in advance using another computer. It is lucky when there is possibility to use another computer.
    Please add the damned network-manager-pptp to Lubuntu by default. It is bother me because Lubuntu is my favorite operating system especially for old computers. (I don’t know maybe it is already planned to do in the next release 14.10)

    Best regards,
    Anonymous User

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