lubuntu is a community maintained distribution. You can get support through different channels: 1. Visit the lubuntu documentation site and receive information to get lubuntu installed on standard computer architectures. Learn about lubuntu releases, advantages of lubuntu compared to other operating systems, lubuntu tools, its applications, and advanced alternative installation instructions for very old PCs. 2. Ask questions and get help in the lubuntu section on the Ubuntu Forums. 3. Learn about lubuntu through social media: lubuntu on Facebook lubuntu Meilix friends on Twitter lubuntu community in Asia on Google+ lubuntu videos on FOSSASIA YouTube lubuntu on Linkedin lubuntu on GitHub
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lubuntu – get involved

Julien Lavergne posted ways to get involved into lubuntu on the mailing list of the project and I am reposting his suggestions here. This is a quick summarize for people wanted to help on Lubuntu. In general, all tasks will be documented on the Subteams pages: Packages and Code: Artwork : Doc : Translations : Testing : == Participate to the LXDE project == This is the most efficient way to contribute to Lubuntu. If you want a functionality, translate a package etc … you should directly work with LXDE. LXDE site: http://lxde.orgLXDE mailing list: SVN repository: == Create an artwork for Lubuntu == We don’t have an original artwork, and it’s an important goal for Lucid. Some works began on the LXDE…
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