Lubuntu state before Alpha 2 release

Hi, This is quick summary of the state of Lubuntu, 3 mouths before the target release date.=== Alpha 2 ===- May be released at the end of this week.=== New packages ===- lxdm was committed, waiting for archive approval. It's mostly working, but need some improvements. Currently, there is no plymouth support and Default language not working well. - libfm and pcmanfm2 are available for testing on the Lubuntu PPA [1].=== Default applications ===- Current discussion on the video player, music player and email client - Future discussion on the browser. It will begin when chromium will enter the archive, or sooner if nothing arrive before 1st February. - Some changes may happen in the futur, if the manpower is still the same (see below). We need to share the…
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