lubuntu – new programs by default

I just added 6 new programs to the seed to cover some missing features. They will be installed by default in the next upload of the seed :
– xfce4-taskmanager : for monitoring tasks, the origin of lxtask
– parcellite : for a clipboard manager (not start on login for now)
– hardinfo : for information on the system – osmo : for managing event, calendar …
– language-selector : for installing language packs
– software-properties-gtk : for managing sources in synatic The splash is still missing, but as plymouth was just uploaded, I prefer to wait more before adding it to the seed.

If you think the seed need other programs to be added (not replaced !), please speak now šŸ™‚

For discussion on existing applications, please begin a new thread or a new page on the wiki. Please also note this :
– Only propose application which are in the archive (not PPA, official archive).

Exceptions are lxde components (like lxdm) and chromium which should be added to official repository soon.
– Prepare some arguments šŸ™‚ The actual policy is to keep the existing seed, so the application need to bring real and additional interesting stuff.
– Read and update previous discussion on