lubuntu – new programs by default

I just added 6 new programs to the seed to cover some missing features. They will be installed by default in the next upload of the seed :
– xfce4-taskmanager : for monitoring tasks, the origin of lxtask
– parcellite : for a clipboard manager (not start on login for now)
– hardinfo : for information on the system – osmo : for managing event, calendar …
– language-selector : for installing language packs
– software-properties-gtk : for managing sources in synatic The splash is still missing, but as plymouth was just uploaded, I prefer to wait more before adding it to the seed.

If you think the seed need other programs to be added (not replaced !), please speak now ūüôā

For discussion on existing applications, please begin a new thread or a new page on the wiki. Please also note this :
– Only propose application which are in the archive (not PPA, official archive).

Exceptions are lxde components (like lxdm) and chromium which should be added to official repository soon.
– Prepare some arguments ūüôā The actual policy is to keep the existing seed, so the application need to bring real and additional interesting stuff.
– Read and update previous discussion on