lubuntu 12.04

Lubuntu 12.04 is now available

Julien Lavergne has released lubuntu 12.04. Lubuntu is a flavor of Ubuntu based on the Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment (LXDE), as its default GUI. The goal is to provide a very lightweight distribution, with all the advantages of the Ubuntu world (repositories, support, etc.). Lubuntu is targeted at "normal" PC and laptop users running on low-spec hardware. Such users may not know how to use command line tools, and in most cases they just don't have enough resources for all the bells and whistles of the "full-featured" mainstream distributions.

With many LXDE components, Lubuntu also uses well-known applications, such as Chromium, Openbox, Pidgin, to name a few. The Lubuntu project wiki contains more information on the project and the applications used available.

See the complete list of applications on:
The release notes, with a list of known problems are available on
You can find information on how to report a bug on this wiki page :

LXFind and LXScreenshot

> Ok, i have a question, will LxFind and LxScreenshot will included in
> Lubuntu Precise? or the feature freeze is already gone?

Feature Freeze is not passed, but the application should be ready before, ideally on February 1st, to have some time to package / test / evaluate. IMO, LxFind is not ready, and will not be in time. For
Lxscreenshot, it should be tested, be sure translation support is fine, and compare it with scrot, to be sure we have at least all those features. 

From the horses mouth (Our head of Development).