Mark Shuttleworth says "Thank you" to lubuntu community

lubuntu has grown into an amazing project over the last two years. There are more than 460 people who signed up with the project on Launchpad. Contributors are engaging to keep the wiki updated. Designers create lubuntu interface designs and others make videos. Under the head of development, Julien Lavergne, the distro has become a stable and widely praised distribution constantly listed on the top end of lists of Linux distributions (comp.: distrowatch).

The next goals of the project are clear. Apart from constantly improving the distribution, the lubuntu project aims to become an official flavour of Ubuntu. Recent comments by Mark Shuttleworth thanking the lubuntu team add excitement in the community that this goal will be achieved in the near future.

"Thanks for the great work and progress of Lubuntu in the past 2 years. The fact that you are now 100% in the archive, and using PPA's and other tools effectively, makes it possible for us to consider recognising Lubuntu as an official part of the project. ... From my perspective, I see no problem in providing Lubuntu with the means to book sessions at UDS, and for us to call attention to Lubuntu in the project release notes. ... Our goal with Ubuntu is to ensure that the archive contains the full richness of free software. LXDE is definitely part of that, and with the other desktop environments making greater demands on PC resources, LXDE has a continued role to play." (Mark Shuttleworth, Apr. 26, 2011)


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* lubuntu wiki

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Congratulations for making the best distro! currently use the version 10.10 and I'm delighted.

I wanted to add my own congratulations, Lubuntu 11.04 is a great release. We have switched our whole house to Lubuntu 11.04 now and have made up and given away a number of CDs already. The new themes and artwork are beautiful and make a great first impression! I was particularly flattered that you included a shot of the Lubuntu article on Wikipedia in the installation slideshow. A lot of work has been done on that article to make it a useful reference for Lubuntu and it is great to see that recognition, plus it will send more people to read the article!

Hi All! Do you have an official forum?

Hello! Do you have an official forum?

woheeee I am excited to try Lubuntu :D

Congratulations for your product! I love light OS! I would suggest you to change the audio player: i think this one is the best light audio player ever:

thank-you for this release, and its philosophy; On a netbook : after some training at the touchpad, the rest is fine and smart;

Absolutely great work, perfect for older PC's/VMs and lightning fast on newer boxes. Keep up the excellent work.

  • I have tried to start Lubuntu 11.04 installation on 3 computers, and so far, all have had problems with the GUI.
  • Two old computers freeze or say "Sorry, the program 'ubiquity' closed unexpectedly." in GUI.
  • One modern computer won't even start the GUI. It just drops to shell, and I can't even "startx".
  • There should really be a Lubuntu 11.04 Alternate CD available!
  • It doesn't make sense to require 256 MB RAM for installation but then require 128 MB RAM for OS.

There's a very positive review of Lubuntu over at OS News. See --

@XP1: Grab the Ubuntu Alternate CD and at the boot menu, hit F4 (or one of those keys) and select the command-line only install. When it's done, log in and after updating, do a sudo apt-get install lubuntu-desktop. This will pull in all of the necessary packages and will allow you to install it on a lower memory system.

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