lubuntu on track to official status as Ubuntu flavour

There has been news on some sites about "lubuntu" gaining official status. And YES we are on the way to official status and had some thumbs up from Mark and others at UDS in Budapest, but one thing is for sure: There is still a lot of work ahead. We can call lubuntu official, when the ISOs are build on the Ubuntu infrastructure and when lubuntu 11.10 will be out. This here is a quick sum up of the Ubuntu Developer Summit and the impacts on Lubuntu development based on notes of Julien Lavergne:

== Lubuntu and official status ==
As said during the UDS session, we are on track for official status. Infrastructure issues are going to be solved and Lubuntu will be added to the list of flavors. We have all the authorizations for it, so I'm (Julien) pretty sure it will happen this cycle. We will have to work on stabilizing the new ISOs, but I'll write again when it will be available.

== Work during this cycle ==
A lot of work will be necessary to be ready for gtk3 migration. Don't expect many new exciting features. Unless we have more people and developers coming along and helping with various projects, new features will not be on the top of the list.

== Rewrite of the TODO page ==
To help to know where there is work to do, there is TODO page for Lubuntu. You can find it on:

The different sections:
 * Bitesize : It's little bugs that should be easy to fix, and are suitable for new comers.
 * Projects : It's more than bitesize :) It's more difficult / long to implement, suitable for people who want to work on a more long-term project.
 * Discussed projects : items that are discussed, but we are not sure if it's useful, suitable, or possible for Lubuntu.
 * Packaging : items relative to packaging, for Debian or Ubuntu.
 * Upstreaming : it's tasks to be done directly on upstream side.
 * Project Organization : task for the general organisation of the project.
 * Documentation : Various items for documentation.
 * Later / To triage : not up to date, don't look at it :)

When you want to work on an item, you should put your name at the beginning of the line, or put your name in the table. It should avoid duplicate work.

== Other ==
All should be summarize in the TODO page.


by way of conversion, I hope not lose the essence that made ​​you great.

Congratulations on official acceptance! Lubuntu 11.04 is such a strong release that 11.10 will not need much in the way of new features or improvements to also be a great release. I have to agree with jesus vicente, though, please continue to keep it fast and light. While Ubuntu is falling fast on DistroWatch's popularity list, Lubuntu is climbing fast and is now number 9 on the 30 day list - your current philosophy is right!

This is an awsome distro - so light yet competently complete enough. The only things i add are flash and nautilus for connecting to my network drives. That's a tiny workload to get a system going - love your software choices too!

Will Lubuntu support upgrading to 11.10 from 10.10 without having to do a reinstall, and if so how reliable is it expected to be (should I just do another reinstall to avoid inconstancies)?

I would love to see a official Lubuntu 64 bit release.

ya, I 2nd that motion.

The guys over at PeppermintOS packaged Lubuntu 11.04 for 64bit (available here: Please make this a core, supported part of Lubuntu as Lubuntu is amazing and I'm sure many others as well as myself want to be able to use Lubuntu on all our machines, including our fancy new machines with more than 3.5GB of RAM. And the PAE kernel is terrible, so please please please 64bit lubuntu!

Kudos for such a great lightweight distro. It runs fast, and has all the pieces necessary from a useability standpoint.

Hey guys love your distro. It runs great on my 10 yo computer. Had a look at your marketing pics and I would like to point out that 'for free' (although it is used by a lot of advertisers) is actually incorrect English . Why don't you just say free dowload or download free. There is no need whatsoever to have a for inbetween there.

Are you sure? Actually, it’s used in the fourth example under the fifth meaning in the following OALD definition:

I was an ubuntu user since 8.04, stopped being one when they introduced "unity". And after distro hopping thru debian, fedora, and others, i finally found lubuntu. Fast, Reliable, Stable (regular ubuntu lacks a lot here, even in classic non unity mode), and feature rich enough for my needs. So i... 1.- Thank you for making what (IMHO) is the best linux distro today. 2.- Congratualte you in getting official support & recognition from canonical 3.- Beg you to continue following your current philosopy of KEEPING IT SIMPLE. If we wanted bloatware, slowware or unstableware, we would have sticked with regular ubuntu :)

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