lubuntu Quantal Quetzal CD wallet

Rafael Laguna aka 礁湖神癒 released the lubuntu Quantal Quetzal version of the CD Set featuring the new "aztec" design.

"The guys from Canonical made a great job, doing a historical review of the pre-colombine societies. You can see the quetzal in every poster (I'm finishing the Lubuntu one) or press element, as well as the God Quetzalcoatl, the feathered serpent, drawing the "1210" version number. I can't help watching there the nibbles game moving thru the squares. I hope you like them, I did it with all my dedication. You can download it at the marketing wiki." (


very very beautiful work! my compliment!

It is my default OS both on my old AMD Sempron 3000+ (1.2 GB RAM) and on my new Intel Core i5 (4 GB RAM). Thank you very much!

It looks beautiful. I am looking forward to the Ubuntu 12.10. First time user, but I really appreciate the work you guys are putting in. Cant wait to download the iso on 18th ...

just a great observation The Quetzal is the national bird of GUATEMALA, its origin is Maya no Aztec, the Aztecs are the Mexicans ...

I just installed Lubuntu 12.10... FANTASTIC! Thank you very much for the effort you put-to make it even better.

What relationship does the Aztec civilization quetzal????? I think that young people will not

I don't have more words than thank you all guys, you have been doing an excellent job with this distro. I've tried it since 10.10 but this time it definitely substituted Xubuntu 12.04 and I found it very stable, beautiful and customizable. I also have it in my old iBook clamshell and it works quite fine. I really love it and I want to sincerely congratulate all the team and most of all for keeping alive this version for old mac G3 processors.

Any problem to change from Ubuntu 12.O4 to Lubuntu 12.10 ?

I have made the wrong choice and I think now that Lubuntu is more adapted to my laptop.

Thank you....

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