lubuntu maverick beta 1 release

Julian Lavergne announced on the mailing list the release of "lubuntu beta 1" Here are his notes for the beta release:

Please note that Lubuntu Maverick is based on Ubuntu Maverick, same warning apply: "Pre-releases of Maverick are *not* encouraged for anyone needing a stable system or anyone who is not comfortable running into occasional, even frequent breakage.  They are, however, recommended for Ubuntu developers and those who want to help in testing, reporting, and fixing bugs."

== What's new ? ==
Since Alpha 3 :
- New lxappareance from LXDE git (without Openbox integration)
- And the usual updates from Ubuntu.

Since the beginning of Maverick :
- Updates on programs installed by default :
 * Update-notifier was added
 * Xpad was added
 * Parcellite was removed
 * Pyneighborhood was removed
 * LXtask was added, to replace Xfce4-taskmanager
 * Evince is now used for reading PDF.
 * Some small games, powered by ace-of-penguins.
- New theme, made by Rafael Laguna
- New slideshow available during the installation
- LXDE is now HAL-free. Lubuntu still depends on HAL for CD-burner, but by removing it, you can obtain a HAL-free system.
- A new meta-package (lubuntu-core) is available to install only core packages of Lubuntu.
- A new meta-package (lubuntu-restricted-extras) is available to install restricted packages for Lubuntu (such as flash, java and extra codecs for chromium)
- Add support for indicator applets on lxpanel (turn off by default)
- And the usual updates of LXDE and Lubuntu components packages.

== Specific Lubuntu changes ==
Lubuntu contains 2 specific changes still not available on Ubuntu
official repository :
- Support for lxdm in ubiquity
- Lubuntu slideshow for ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu

== Testing needed ==
We'll appreciate some feedbacks about the followings recent additions :
- The new lxappearance

== Known bugs ==
* Start menu of the Live-CD is not correctly translated.
* Install menu entry in the Live-CD doesn't work.
* Keyboard layout is not correctly set on the Live-CD session.
* The splash screen on Live-CD session may fall-back to Ubuntu text one.
* Installer doesn't install correct restricted packages
* Installer breaks the slideshow (LP: #627623)
* Installer icon is not the Lubuntu one.

== Reporting bugs ==
You can find information on how to report bug on this wiki page :

== Download ==

Happy testing :)



Hello. I have a problem during installation Lubuntu 10.10 beta 1. Once I choose the language and install Lubuntu it not open the pre-installation screen. Thank you.

How do I upgrade from lubuntu 10.04 to 10.10 beta 1?

Hi, In Ubuntu and other variants, you can run "sudo do-release-upgrade" to upgrade.

I do believe that you then need to ad the PPA Lubuntu Maverick manually with the PGP key. Go for info to the Launchpad of Lubuntu and then you can either use via Terminal or Update Manager the upgrade process.

sudo do-release-upgrade did not work, just outputs "No new release found"

try sudo do-release-upgrade -d btw, the default theme is horrible, and very bad for netbooks, because it's not compact at all. i hope the theme will be changed, because the current theme is almost unusable with low resolution screens.

same problem here.. even sudo do-release-upgrade -d doesnt help...

You dont. Ussualy you can upgrade to stable release wia upgrade manager or terminal when the stable release is out. 10.10 beta is unstable version that is being tested.

Hello, I have a problem with the beta1 release, because Chromium don't open flash movie. I try to install flas from adobe, but they say that my current version of Chromium has the plugin already installed, then the browser crash wirh a "recursive error". Thank you Angelo

Install the flashplugin-nonfree package with Synaptic. If its installed chromium should work with flash. 

How could i download the maverick beta iso? Thanks. for me. Maybe was temporary.

What's wrong with the image of the maverick Lubuntu beta 1? It has only 22.1 KB!

I have same problem... Did you managed how to fix this?

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