Mint 18 Xfce Imminent, Gmane.org Shutting Down - OStatic
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Mint project lead Clement Lefebvre today said that Mint 18 Xfce is "almost ready" but KDE users will have to continue to wait. The second alpha in the Ubuntu ...

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下載:https://github.com/EasyIME/PIME/releases問題回報:https://github.com/EasyIME/PIME/issues本次為「重大改版支援 node.js,並且新增多種輸入法。
  1. 開發者 KenLuoTW 貢獻多個 cin-based 輸入法模組:行列、大易、拼音、速成 輸入法
  2. 開發者 lyenliang 整合大新倉頡進酷倉輸入法,KenLuoTW 更新泰瑞倉頡至最新版碼表。
  3. 大幅改進安裝程式,減少檔案鎖死,需要重開機的狀況 (By KenLuoTW)
  4. 大幅改進內部架構,同時支援多種程式語言 (By PCMan)
  5. 開發者 jessy1092 新增了 node.js 支援,未來可以用 javascript 開發 Windows 中文輸入法
  6. 新增 emoji 輸入法模組,幫助輸入 unicode 表情符號 (By jessy1092 )
  7. 修正許多小 bugs

非常感謝 KenLuoTW, jessy1092,及lyenliang 的協力開發,使得 PIME 逐漸成長茁壯p.s. 有計劃支援「無蝦米」但是礙於蝦米的 cin 表格版權疑慮待釐清,目前無法提供。網路上有找到把正版 Liu table 轉成 cin 格式的方法,但不確定如何整合進 PIME 下比較方便,希望對這部份有研究的朋友可以協助。

Linux for game development
Ubuntu Gnome, Kubuntu (KDE), Lubuntu (LXDE), Ubuntu Mate). Generally works out of the box except you have to install closed-source codecs and drivers explicitly because distributing them together with Free software is of questionable legality ...

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慶祝碩士論文初稿完成 - PIME 輸入法平台 v0.13 釋出

  • 共修正數十個 bugs
  • 修正選字視窗位置不正確問題
  • 修正語言列按鈕無法正確消除和設定選單叫不出問題
  • 修正安裝後導致 Excel 啟動變慢 (其實應該是微軟的 bug...)
  • 修正設定工具無法正確存檔
  • 加入酷倉輸入法,由開發者 KenLuoTW 貢獻 (非常強大的智慧倉頡輸入法)
  • 修正 IE 內不能使用 (在安裝程式加入選項關閉保護模式, 由 KenLuoTW 貢獻)
  • 預設只安裝新酷音,其他輸入法模組選用
特別感謝開發者 KenLuoTW,對安裝程式部分做出很多改進!


Open Source Replacements for Windows XP
These are some of the best Linux distributions for former Windows XP users and people who have older PC hardware. Previous. Open Source Replacements for Windows XP: Linux Mint. Next. Linux Mint. Many people consider Linux Mint to be among the ...

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Fedora 24 released with Gnome 3.20 and Flatpak
I've used ubuntu, mint, lubuntu, and several more. I found it easier to use and more stable than all the other three. Its easy to navigate and get things done right away and it doesn't crash randomly like ubuntu. So I am going to wait to update until I ...



Goodbye rpm and deb. Hello Snaps!
Snaps now works natively on Arch, Debian, Fedora, Kubuntu, Lubuntu, Ubuntu GNOME, Ubuntu Kylin, Ubuntu MATE, Ubuntu Unity, and Xubuntu. That leaves out many other major distros but Canonical is working on validating Snaps on CentOS, Elementary, ...

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Fancy is a $225 compact PC that runs Chromium, Ubuntu, or Android
With an SSD supplying it and 8GB RAM I'm able to run about 60 Chrome tabs, a Lubuntu VM and still play Skyrim at 1080p medium settings. That's without OC'ing. It's easy to OC from 3.2Ghz to 3.6Ghz without restarting. Really is an amazing CPU as long as ...

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好一陣子沒更新關於輸入法或是其他軟體的近況了,因為最近一兩個月在趕工碩士論文,所以實在沒空碰程式。忙完畢業論文,會找時間來一波更新,把殘存的 bugs 盡量都修一修,敬請期待! 另外現在 blog 更新會比較慢一些,關於軟體的最新消息,歡迎訂閱 Facebook 專頁smile 表情符號

Geeky Gadgets

MiQi Rockchip RK3288 Mini PC Launches For $35
Geeky Gadgets
MQMaker will soon be launching a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds to take the mini PC into production and save it their system supports both Android 5.1 or Lubuntu 14.04 and that the kernel source code is available at via the gitHub website. As ...

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