LinuxWelt 1/2017 - jetzt am Kiosk: 25 Jahre Linux
Lubuntu 16.10 (32 Bit) - Alten Kisten, die kein ausgewachsenes Ubuntu stemmen können, hilft Lubuntu auf die Sprünge, das einen klassischen, aber besonders ressourcenschonenden Desktop präsentiert. Trotzdem kann sich diese offizielle Ubuntu-Variante ...

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The miracle of Lubuntu for older computers
Podian: “Lubuntu is awesome, it works blazing fast in a VM on my desktop. Some time ago I was using Debian LXDE on a really ancient laptop (ThinkPad 600-something) and it was actually useable. So, I'm a huge fan of LXDE - it's a full desktop ...


Sometimes such moments happen, sure, and new piece of software which was wanted by some, is released, so life becomes easier (not for all, yes, but that is just another story anyway). So meet LXHotkey, it’s an utility which let you to have an interface to manage hotkeys (also known as shortcuts), i.e. key combinations which, when pressed, do something with your desktop. This utility isn’t bound to any window manager, nor to some desktop environment, each window manager support and each frontend is implemented as a plugin. In current version 0.1.0 supported window manager is Openbox, and frontends are: command line, and GTK+. To show what it’s like, see screenshots from GTK+ frontend. Main window looks like this:

When you’re trying to change some keybinding, or to add some new, you’ll get a window like this:

It is currently translated to Czech, Dutch, Galician, Portuguese, Russian, Serbian and Ukrainian languages.

New release tarball download link:
lxhotkey-0.1.0.tar.xz – SHA1: 0d43334f1f144746ed7ae3ab361105fd1ddfad26


Another update of LXDE package. This time it’s the package which have a key to enter LXDE easily, and that package reasonably have LXDE in its name. Not too much updates but they were inevitable, as LXDE evolves.
New release tarball download link:
lxde-common-0.99.2.tar.xz – SHA1: e54d80b64e6a89ff1f89ced7a826fa4e8bf453ec

Changes since previous release 0.99.1 (see git log for details):

  • Replaced ‘stretch’ wallpaper_mode setting with ‘crop’ in pcmanfm.conf.
  • Updated view_mode and sort settings in pcmanfm.conf with new values.
  • Made dbus-launch start only if $XDG_RUNTIME_DIR/bus isn’t available.
  • Updated lxpanel configuration files to match latest version.
  • Added volume plugin to default panel, near everyone uses audio nowadays.
  • Removed netstat plugin from default panel, it’s usually superseded with
    either NM or wicd.
  • Updated startlxde.1 man page.
  • Ensured the existence of the user applications folder by startlxde.

Just two days passed after release 0.9.0, and next release… Just because it cannot be fully built on non-Linux due to very small but regrettable mistake in the volume plugin code, and also newly introduced flicker with some window managers, since these two problems are important enough, it was decided to release 0.9.1 so soon.
New release tarball download link:
lxpanel-0.9.1.tar.xz – SHA1: 91b978bacd0eef4fd2593f3fbfe9de720c2f55d8

Changes since previous release 0.9.0 (see git log for details):

  • Fixed build failure without ALSA.
  • Added alternative mixers if built using OSS.
  • Fixed panel flicker with some window managers.

Since last spring, when release 0.8.2 happened, one of key components of LXDE, the panel, was undergone heavy improvements and bugs fixing. So now we are proud to present you new nice version of LXPanel – 0.9.0. Not final release 1.0 still as not all good things implemented yet, but some new ones are there now. The most noticeable improvements are about launchtaskbar plugin and volume plugin. Look below for more details. As Pootle server still not works, not all translations are decent yet but at the very least it is fully translated to 12 languages, and we hope this number will increase on next release. So take it, install and enjoy!
New release tarball download link:
lxpanel-0.9.0.tar.xz – SHA1: 9412d9f7982134f212e8bf08834ead4b22ebd602

Changes since previous release 0.8.2 (see git log for details):

  • Added support for laptops with multiple batteries.
  • Added a way to scroll through workspaces by using the scroll wheel over the deskno plugin.
  • Bunch of fixes for GTK+ 3.0 compatibility.
  • Fixed outdated lxpanel man page.
  • Fixed weather locations query (since YQL was changed recently).
  • Converted space plugin into internal PanelSpace widget in liblxpanel.
  • Converted task button into widget class to avoid ambiguous code.
  • Added support for third-party plugins localized descriptions.
  • Implemented “lxpanelctl command …” to send message to panel plugin.
  • Added APIs for PanelIconGrid to draw focus on drop.
  • Converted launch button into widget class for more easy management.
  • Adjusted PanelIconGrid: min spacing is now 1, no_window flag is now left unset by default, spacing is taken into account on overall size to be consistent on chosen orientation.
  • Implemented dropping file or folder onto launch bar to create launcher.
  • Implemented dragging launchers around launchbars (between panels too).
  • Implemented dropping file or folder onto free panel space to create launcher.
  • Implemented dragging launchers from launchbar to some free panel space. When launcher dropped onto another place and former place’s launchbar becomes empty, it will not be replaced with a bootstrapping icon (as it happens when last launcher is removed via configuration dialog) but launchbar will be removed from the panel instead, that behavior is more obvious and sensible.
  • Added stripping scheme from URI menu://applications/… when a launcher is created, only menu-id itself should be used.
  • Implemented moving plugins across panel by means of middle button drag and drop, i.e. middle-click it then drag, and plugin will follow the
    mouse until middle button is released.
  • Merged ‘volume’ and ‘volumealsa’ plugins into single plugin which uses the same interface but different driver, in dependency on how it was built – either OSS or ALSA interface is used. Name ‘volume’ is used for simplicity while ‘volumealsa’ is supported for compatibility.
  • Made default channel in ‘volume’ plugin definable in config. If there is no config statement then plugin finds first usable one, the same as before.
  • Made clicks for Toggle Mute, Show Slider and Open Mixer actions of the ‘volume’ plugin configurable. Defaults are the same: left-click shows slider, middle-click toggles mute state.
  • Added support for ‘PCM’ and ‘Headphone’ channels for OSS mixer.
  • Added support for other (not default one) ALSA cards in ‘volume’ plugin via ‘CardNumber’ setting.
  • Added hotkey support into ‘volume’ plugin to be able to use multimedia keys for volume changing directly by plugin.
  • Fixed missing libkeybinder initialization (keybinding did not work).
  • Fixed check for attempt to add a binding for the same hotkey which is already bound elsewhere.
  • Added a configuration dialog to the ‘volume’ plugin with all the new settings available to choose and set, including preset of discovered mixers, with ability to type own command as well.
  • Fixed crash on action on task window which was deleted while task menu is still opened.
  • Fixed “dynamic” panel width allocation.
  • Fixed PanelIconGrid allocation in rigth-to-left languages, it was wrong so some icons might be invisible or placed under other plugins.
  • Removed call to gtk_widget_set_style() from volume slider to fix colors of current theme.
  • Changed icon size handling on task bar – it may now maintain the same size as rest of icons. It may affect users who are used to have thems maller, it’s why this feature was made configurable, corresponding config variable is UseSmallerIcons and default is 1 (old behavior).
  • Changed volume slider popup behavior – it now hides when loses focus.
  • Fixed invalid memory access in weather plugin.
  • Fixed incorrect reporting units on “Feel” value in weather plugin. YQL always reports Fahrenheit degrees there.
  • Added a safeguard on menu cache returning items with empty Exec line.
  • Fixed maximizing windows using task bar, GDK functions not always work.
  • Fixed wrong bind of preferences dialog to the panel, which resulted in other dialogs appear on the same workspace where preferences was.
  • Expanded launch buttons active area to launchbar borders so if clicked even into desktop corner, it should activate button at that corner.
  • Fixed few memory leaks in ‘batt’ plugin.
  • Removed unwanted conversions with energy for charge in ‘batt’ plugin which will mess up tooltip indications, and may make rate/percentage calculations invalid.
  • Replaced Xclimsg() with Xclimsgx() to be screen aware with X11 message.
  • Added a workaround for WM like MWM which does not properly resize down widgets of panel kind. It still leaves artefacts but is better now.
  • Added a workaround on GtkBox behavior which does not send allocation requests to children in some cases, so resizing of launchtaskbar on panel height change was broken.
  • Fixed PanelIconGrid layout on vertical panels with more than 1 column.

Well, this spring there were few releases that were not announced here. Menu-cache library wasn’t among them and let not continue that practice of non-announced releases. Since last release few bugs were found and cleansed so time for new release came now. Thanks everyone for patience and reported bugs!
A release tarball download link:
menu-cache-1.0.2.tar.xz – SHA1: 142eff74e2973349ac7bb95c976c5a9926405626

Changes since release 1.0.1 (see git log for details):

  • Fixed crash in menu-cached if cache regeneration fails.
  • Fixed 100% CPU load by menu-cached in some rare conditions.
  • Invalid empty <DefaultLayout> should be ignored, see the specification.
  • Fixed crash in menu-cache-gen on <MergeFile type=”parent”/> if no file to merge found.
  • Fixed showing empty Other menu in some cases.
  • The configure script option –disable-debug is now default, instead of –enable-debug.


Computer Emulation In The Manner Of A Turducken
First, they took Lubuntu, and installed WINE. (OK, Wine Is Not an Emulator, we know that, but go with the story for a moment) Then they installed DOSBox under WINE for a DOS command prompt, and ran no$C64, a Commodore 64 emulator. On that they ran ...

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How To Install Unity Mail on Ubuntu 16.04
Unity mail is an app that lets you see the number of unread messages in your Gmail or other webmail account on the Unity launcher. Instead of having to go through the hassle of running a full-fledged desktop e-mail app, the Unity mail app makes it very ...

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Lubuntu 16.04.1LTS instalacia
Popis je v odkaze na jeho stránke. Jedná sa o bug bez odozvy ktorý rieši spustenie linuxu pod qemu, s rozhraním ncurses. Namiesto použitia parametrov vga=text a nomodeset tam človek sám sebe radí zmazať ovládače v jadre pre GPU. A Jenda si to dal do ...

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