Linux para ordenadores poco potentes
Lubuntu es una vuelta de tuerca más en la filosofía de Xubuntu, incorporando la interfaz gráfica LXDE en lugar de XFCE, que tiene una disposición similar a la de Windows 95, cosa que puede ayudar a al proceso de transición del usuario, pero también se ...

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Linux P3-ra?
Hungarian Unix Portal
Webböngészésre, levelezésre, irodai munkára szeretnék használni egy P3-as laptopot. CPU 630 mhz; Ram 320 Mb. Olyan linuxot keresek, amelyikben 3.x.x.-es kernel van, mert azzal működik a pcmcia-s wifi, tud magyarul, könnyen letölthető. Puppy oké ...


Canonical veröffentlicht erste Vorabversionen aller "Derivate" der kommenden ...
Offiziell soll Ubuntu 14.10 am 16. Oktober erscheinen und ist dann in den Desktop-Geschmacksrichtungen Ubuntu Classic, Kubuntu, Lubuntu, Ubuntu Gnome, UbuntuKylin und in der Variante Ubuntu-Cloud verfügbar. Letztere lässt sich unter Amazon EC2, ...
Linux-Desktop: Offizielles Ubuntu-Derivat mit Mate-DesktopGolem.de
Ubuntu 14:10: Erste Alpha verfügbarLinux-Magazin Online

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Bugfixes high and low! Andriy has not forgot about you, four months ago the 1.2.0 release was out and since then bugreports have been taken care of. The result is ofc version 1.2.1. No full git log this time either, it’s to messy – follow the links if you want that type of report. The NEWS files are posted below the download links though. Happy hacking, keep reporting bugs and provide patches if possible!

pcmanfm-1.2.1.tar.xz, sha1: 6b0c981224897a621a52919d48f2ff13029f1552
libfm-1.2.1.tar.xz, sha1: 919da9d93bcff60f999470c6cb3326a1c7632f02

libfm – full git log

  • Fixed incorrect presence of LXShortcut in menus.
  • Fixed context menu on right-click on column header, it was not always shown, especially with GTK3.
  • Fixed incorrect mime-type of mount points under computer:///.
  • Few fixes in internal thumbnail generator.
  • Changed info message on usage of x-terminal-emulator as terminal.
  • Added sakura, qterminal and lilyterm into terminals database.
  • Don’t create ~/Templates if it does not exist on application start.
  • Fixed installing extra files with different values for –with-gtk.
  • Fixed file renaming if it’s name is illegal on destination filesystem.
  • An error window after user pressed ‘Cancel’ on app selection should be not shown anymore.
  • Fixed menu positioning if it’s placed near monitor edge and also on non-first monitor, also ensured menu UI update before calculating its position.
  • Fixed cancellation of loading row after FmDirTreeView chdir.
  • The “link” mark on icons of small size (< 20 px) now scaled properly.
  • Fixed positioning of search box in ExoIconView widget.
  • Fixed fm_terminal_launch(), some terminals need PWD environment set.
  • Fixed invalid rubberbanding after doubleclick on ExoIconView items.
  • Corrected drag cursor, it should correctly show dragged item icon, not generic drag cursor.
  • Fixed crash in fm_folder_view_scroll_to_path() if path is not available.
  • Fixed unitialized variable usage in folder view context menu positioning code.
  • Prevented path entry from containing “(invalid encoding)” string since it will prevent that path from being used.
  • Fixed path completion listing for display names in paths.
  • One-time custom application isn’t added anymore into list of last used.
  • Added a workaround on duplicated loop devices in Places sidebar.
  • If quick_exec option is set to true, launching will always start the application, not try a terminal for it.
  •  Changed ExoIconView rubberbanding the same way as it’s done in GTK+.
  •  Fixed invalid renaming files on moving them around virtual FS.
  •  Fixed crash in vfs-menu module with libmenu-cache 0.3.x.

PCManFM – full git log

  • Fixed update desktop config from old settings.
  • Fixed ‘Edit’->’Rename’ menu item, it should be inactive if rename isn’t supported.
  • Fixed install and uninstall for modules directory.
  • Port number shouldn’t be added in Connect to Server dialog if port is default one.
  • Got rid of possible memory exhausting after changing wallpaper.
  • Fixed icons positioning when upper reserved area is not 0.
  • Fixed resetting cursor in location bar to beginning after navigation.
  • Corrected folder popup update on folder loading so context menu is now correct for the folder shown.
  • Fixed dragging and dropping icons behavior on desktop.
  • Correctly use screen number to display all the windows.
  • Added “System;FileTools;” into Categories for pcmanfm.desktop, those are recommended categories for the FileManager one.
  • Reordered ‘View’ menu items a bit to conform with HIG.
  • Implemented drawing icons of dragged items as cursor to see where they will end up dropped.



Erste Alpha-Version: Ubuntu 14.10
... sich, die auch in Ubuntu 14.10 eingesetzt werden. Hierzu gehören unter anderem der Kernel und gewisse Treiber. Die Projekte Kubuntu, Ubuntu GNOME, Lubuntu und Ubuntu Kylin haben sich entschieden, erste Alpha-Versionen zum Testen auszugeben.

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Lubuntu 14.04快速更新:修复丢失网络管理图
Lubuntu 14.04 进行了快速更新,修复了网络管理图标默认不显示在面板的问题。 这个问题是由 lxsession 导致的,未能从系统目录中启动应用。 快速修复请打开Software Updater 安装所有可用的更新: ...