lubuntu lucid Beta 3 release

The Lubuntu Lucid Beta 3 is now available released by Julien Lavergne. We are now close to the final release, this beta should be the last one before final release. The status of this final release is not determined yet ("beta stable", "rc final" ...), that's why its a beta and not a rc like other *buntu. However, final release is still planned for the end of this month, or in very early May.

== New stuff since Beta 2 ==

* Many translations directly included.
* Lubuntu-desktop PPA added by default on installation.
* Up-to-date libfm and pcmanfm2.

== Specific Lubuntu changes ==

Lubuntu still contains modifications not available in the official repository, you can see them in the Lubuntu PPA [1]:

- New pcmanfm2 and libfm (LP: #523433)
- lubuntu-default-settings with pcmanfm2 support
- Fix for blurry shutdown-icon from elementary-icons (LP: #527345)
- Autologin support in ubiquity (LP: #546445)

== Testing needed ==

We appreciate some feedback about the followings recent additions:
- pcmanfm2, the new filemanager, is still in beta state. Please report bugs on

== Known bugs ==

* If you test on a USB, the first screen will freeze for a moment when you click on "Try Lubuntu ...". Just wait, it will continue as normal.
* Start menu of the Live-CD is not correctly translated.
* Updates available are not shown, you need to manually update your system.
* See also

== Reporting bugs ==

Bug reported during testing: If you want to create a bootable usb system, please use the usb creator directly on Ubuntu. Please follow the testing process described on this page : . You can also report problems and bugs relative to the tests on this page.

== Downloading =





iso, torrent and md5 are broken links, you should check them

It might have been temporarily down. Please try again. Thanks.

Nope, torrent not working and without torrent the download speed is 2 KB per sec

please replace on your ramdisk
PREREQ="framebuffer console_setup brltty"
PREREQ="framebuffer console_setup"
on this file: .../scripts/init-top/plymouth

and compress your ramdisk with lzma
but il's marqued .lz and it's compressed with gzip ????
find . | cpio --quiet --dereference -o -H newc | lzma -9 > .../initrd.lz

sorry for my bad english...
Fran├žois Fabre @frafa

hi, i'm very satisfied of the work you're doing on this project.i have a question: why have you choosen aqualung? i think goggles music manager is better at all. it is a very good application more user friendly than aqualung and with less resource consumption. please have a try

just remove the "%20" at the end of the links, it works"

i would ask why have you choose aqualung? there is goggles music manager that is more user friendly and with less resource consumption. please have a try.

Isn't Google's music player a gadget for the Google Desktop, which can be interpreted as a widget? Besides, it has it's own format and I doubt you can use it without the main support, whether legal or pratical reasons.

Hi, I've been using Ubuntu since 5.04 and its great, but the latest versions really slow down my system. I've tried 10.04 but both my desktop and notebook run too slow on it. Too lazy to upgrade computers!Anyway, Lubuntu is great. Everything is there and works just like Ubuntu but it's soooooo much faster.Keep up the good work!CheersDafydd

Thanks to Lubuntu team for this great desktop. I am using it since 10.04 alpha and I am happy, that I found really fast and small desktop enviroment like this. Some time, was using Xfce, but there is a big difference between these 2 DE. Thanks for this, and I hope, that 10.10 will be official Lubuntu!

I installed Lubuntu Beta 3 yesterday evening and spent a couple of hours today configuring the system.

The test machine is an IBM Thinkpad T40 with a 1.5 GB Pentium M, 512 MB of RAM and an integrated ATI card (Radeon Mobility 7500). Old stuff, not capable of running standard Ubuntu 10.04.

Lubuntu runs great in this system. Before, it was running Debian Squeeze with Xfce. Responsiveness and resources usage seems to be comparable. Pure Debian plus Xfce seems to be more responsive but as soon as you activate composite effects, install some Gnome stuff and install AWN, Debian-Xfce starts to feel heavier than Lubuntu ;) Of course Xfce is a more complete desktop and offers more GUI-driven configuration tools than LXDE.

Potential bugs:

- I cannot move LXTerminal. It sits in the middle of the screen and the bar is not visible. After a full dist-upgrade I can now move and resize the window, but the bar is still not visible.

- The language support configuration is not correctly updated after system install. /etc/default/locale contains more than a hundred languages. I could not correct the problem from the languages GUI (which insists in installing 164 languages even if they are deselected). The only solution was manually editing the locale file and then deselecting all superfluous language packages within the Synaptic package manager.

Other remarks:

- Some of the configuration (for instance, being able to select between two keyboard layouts or seting the number of desktops) required manually editing configuration files here and there. No problem for me, but a newbie can have a hard time trying to figure out where and how. Of course, the Lubuntu team is not to be blamed. It is just that LXDE may not be ready for the masses yet (if it was ever supposed to be).

- Chromium is light and fast. However, for being able to use flash I had to first install the package for Mozilla browsers and then create a symbolic link in the Chromium plugins folder. Not very user-friendly. I have not yet been able to watch content such as asx scripts, wmv and the like (neither embebed nor in an external application). AdSweep is not as good as it is AdBlock Plus. Opera has issues and Midori has the same problems as Chromium and feels heavier. I ended up installing Firefox (the xine plugin solves more of the aforementioned issues).

- Translation to Galician-Portuguese is still deficient as compared to Gnome or even Xfce.

- On the positive side of things, Lubuntu is quite aesthetically pleasant for such a light-weight desktop as it is LXDE. Having the sound and network applets up and running out of the box it is nice. Wireless and sound just worked (even with Skype).

In summary, the Lubuntu team is doing a great work but there are still important intrinsic limitations related to the LXDE desktop and certain light-weight applications. However, Lubuntu makes my old laptop usable and fully functional and I like it. I would say this is probably the best LXDE-based distro I have tried so far.


1) Basic desktop configuration should be fully GUIzed.
2) I like the look-and-fell of Mac4Lin or Macpup (even more than that of Mac OS X itself). Clearlooks, Industrial and the other themes installed by default are starting to look too XPish.

I am using it since 10.04 alpha and I am happy, that I found really fast and small desktop enviroment like this. Some time, was using Xfce, but there is a big difference between these 2 DE. club penguin cheats

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