lubuntu Quantal Quetzal CD wallet

Rafael Laguna aka 礁湖神癒 released the lubuntu Quantal Quetzal version of the CD Set featuring the new "aztec" design.

"The guys from Canonical made a great job, doing a historical review of the pre-colombine societies. You can see the quetzal in every poster (I'm finishing the Lubuntu one) or press element, as well as the God Quetzalcoatl, the feathered serpent, drawing the "1210" version number. I can't help watching there the nibbles game moving thru the squares. I hope you like them, I did it with all my dedication. You can download it at the marketing wiki." ( new website with Drupal 7

The goal of the upgrade of the lubuntu website was to keep all previous content and screencasts of Leszek and to continue the site with the latest version of Drupal 7, respectively the speed optimized distribution Pressflow 7. The way we did the upgrade: We got the latest dump of the site and database from Osuosl (the great folks of Open Source Lab hosting our site - Thank you!) and upgraded it locally. I got a lot of help from Thanh Nguyen from the Drupal Community, who is also working in my company.

WHAT WAS UPGRADED: The Drupal system was upgraded from version 6 to version 7. All modules were upgraded. Many modules had to be substituted with other modules. A new theme was set up. The new site is merging the proposal of Kanliot with the old site.

DESIGN AND THEME: The new site is using a slightly customized "Superclean theme" provided by the Drupal community. The icons for the lubuntu links and screenshots for the slideshow on the frontpage are made by Rafael Laguna (also known as 礁湖神癒).

screenshot website 2012

CONTENT AND PARTICIPATION IN LUBUNTU WEB PRESENCE: There are three goals for the lubuntu site.

#1 The intention of the lubuntu website is to direct people to the right resources to find answers, e.g. a download page, forum, wiki or help pages.

#2 On the site we want to provide a basic idea about the lubuntu project.

#3 The site should show 'updates' from the community on the net.

For #1: We are providing links to the most common resources like the lubuntu tag page on the ubuntuforums and help pages.

For #2: We are offering an introduction to lubuntu on the front page and a slideshow (which substitutes the previous screenshots page).

For #3: We are collecting feeds from blogs of contributors and news sites like twitter and google news.

Since the beginning of the project the idea was to keep the participation as open as possible and to focus on lubuntu as a community project rather than "only" a lightweight Linux system. While marketing is important, we also did not want to use marketing language that might "promise too much" or compare to other systems and desktops in a negative way. Lubuntu is more lightweight than many others, but different systems have different advantages and other distributions more features for instance. In the end we are all in the same race for free software :-)

Rather than creating a website that can only be handled by a limited group of people, we also decided to use existing collaboration tools that offer a wide degree of openness . For example, as a newbie or as an established contributor it is much easier to get involved contributing in the existing Ubuntu wiki and Ubuntuforums than becoming active in a team that manages a new content management system.

We are using existing channels as much as possible. In the proposal of Kanliot there were some additional pages with excellent in-depth information. In order to facilitate the process of content updates and to let more people participate, however, I suggest to collect this information in the wiki and other community resources (where there is an established path of getting involved). As far as I can see this actually works out well most of the time and some of the content of pages in the proposal already made it into the wiki and documentation pages.

screenshot lubuntu wiki 2012

screenshot of lubuntuforums

WEBSITE TEAM: Nevertheless, as updates on the website became a bit slow, especially during the last year, we need to think, how to bring a team of contributors together to update the most important information here. We need to form a team to keep the site running with up to date links and information, especially during new releases. The level of access to critical community resources like a server usually depends on the personal level of trust. At the moment our hoster is taking care of the server and many admin tasks, but they will also offer access  to the server ot the lubuntu web team in the upcoming months. So, we need to think about how to establish a team. This is probably a discussion during a UDS or meet up at a lubuntu community weekend.

Let's also take the opportunity to say THANK YOU TO OSUOSL FOR HOSTING LUBUNTU.NET: Osuosl stands for Open Source Lab of Oregan State University. The advantage of hosting with Osuosl is that we do not need to worry about server maintenance and that the site is hosted with a community resource. There are tons of FOSS projects hosted by Osuosl we are sharing resources with. Thank you Osuosl for hosting us and in particular Michael and Rudy for your support!

.. Lastly, still the question: WHY DID IT TAKE SO LONG TO BRING UP THE NEW SITE: One point was, there were a few obstacles to overcome in the upgrade process. Another point was, that the central administration of the server infrastructure of several projects means we need to coordinate with others and it means that there are more parties involved. Thus taking up more time.  Also, as we are co-working across continents (Europe, Asia, North America) and time zones, sometimes having to wait for a day for a reply if something does not work out right away. For the future things are also improving here step by step as Osuosl will soon provide a way for us to take care of CMS installations ourselves.

If you are interested below you find information about the major upgrade tasks and process.

Lubuntu-drupal 7 Upgrade Notes

1. Some important changes:

1.1. Drupal core: 6.22 -> 7.12

1.2. Theme

- Custom Superclean theme:
- New logo

1.3. Modules

List of modules, which do not work on Drupal 7 anymore:

a) Akismet
- Link:
- Similar modules include Antispam (which includes Akismet protection), Mollom

b) customcssjs
- Link:

c) Image (integrated to the core)
- Link:
- From Drupal 6 to 7: Image node data may be converted to Image fields using Field convert module; the image_legacy module (in this project's git repository's 7.x-1.x branch) provides the necessary field conversion information.

d) img_assist
- Link:

e) supercron (integrated to the core)
- Link:

f) udcountdown, udheader, udplanet
- Link:
- We need to find solutions to keep these features.

g) oauth_common (for post twitter feature)
- Link:
- OAuth Common has moved to it's new home at

2. Upgrade process:

2.1. Backup current website.

2.2. Upgrade current website to latest drupal 6 (6.25) and also all active modules.

2.3. Check all modules to find new versions for drupal 7 or look for alternative solution to implement the features.

2.4. Disable all non-core/optional modules and change the theme to basic theme.

2.5. Download the drupal 7 and all module(for drupal 7).

2.6. Upgrade the website and check for errors (we will correct these error before going to next step).

2.7. Enable modules one by one to check and corect the errors.

2.8. Migrate cck fields to drupal 7 fields.

3. Upgrade difficulties:

3.1. Find alternative modules or solution to implement features.

3.2. The White Screen of Death (Completely Blank Page) when enabling a module.

4. New Features:

4.1. A sildeshow on frontpage for showing lubuntu screenshot

4.2. Some block to display new feed items, blog posts,...

Lubuntu 12.04 is now available

Julien Lavergne has released lubuntu 12.04. Lubuntu is a flavor of Ubuntu based on the Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment (LXDE), as its default GUI. The goal is to provide a very lightweight distribution, with all the advantages of the Ubuntu world (repositories, support, etc.). Lubuntu is targeted at "normal" PC and laptop users running on low-spec hardware. Such users may not know how to use command line tools, and in most cases they just don't have enough resources for all the bells and whistles of the "full-featured" mainstream distributions.

With many LXDE components, Lubuntu also uses well-known applications, such as Chromium, Openbox, Pidgin, to name a few. The Lubuntu project wiki contains more information on the project and the applications used available.

See the complete list of applications on:
The release notes, with a list of known problems are available on
You can find information on how to report a bug on this wiki page :

Blueprint for lubuntu 12.10

Julien Lavergne started a blueprint for lubuntu 12.10. It's a summary of tasks we are planning for 12.10. It should be the base of the discussions we will have at UDS and afterwards. The blueprint is here:

"You can use the white-board for comments. But, if you want to start a discussion for an application by default, you need some good reasons / objective arguments. You can also start a new thread on the mailing, if you want a separate discussion, but be sure to add a link to the blueprint so we keep it in mind during the discussion. The plan is to add all the topics to discussion for UDS. I would like to end the discussions about the applications by default after UDS, so we can focus on integration and testing."

Links: UDS is near San Francisco, between 7 and 11 May:

[via Julien Lavergne]

IRC Operators

It is with the most pleasure that I can announce that the people who have not only given help on our support channel at #lubuntu that they have also dealt with a person whom we do not really want on there ... aka troll. 

Well, all of the people that were put forward from lubuntu being just lubuntu to lubuntu being fully adopted have been accepted. You guys know who you are. I'd like to put on record a big thank-you to them, we do not have trolls because we a friendly and trolls hate that. 

Next up, moderators (Just don't tell them that yet :P )


P.S. don't  tell OMGUbuntu untill I have all the names :P

New Artwork for lubuntu 12.04

For everyone who does not receive information via the lubuntu mailing list..

Hello, boys and girls.
I'm proud to tell you all the Ozone theme for Lubuntu 12.04 Precise Pangolin is almost ready. But, of course, there're lots of bugs waiting for being fixed. I'll appreciate your feedback and comments if you find someting wrong or buggy.
You can download it at the usual place:

And remember, it's in development stage. Don't expect it work 100% fine.

From Rafael.

As soon as there is an easy way to grab it, I'll update.

12.04 Life of a bug.

On Wednesday 18th Jan 2012 I was having problems with my updated test image of 12.04. It installed well and the bug that was affecting the selection of the language appeared to have been squashed (That bug lived a short life, it's history can be found at ) But, more worryingly, when I started the new install my Virtual Machine went 'crazy'... Screen kept resizing and eventually it just fizzled out and hung. As there was the weekly QA (Quality Assurance / Testing) meeting scheduled for 5pm (UTC) [1] I asked about it on there when we got to the agenda item for Lubuntu. Fairly quickly one of the other QA team had verified the problem and more importantly had gotten a error message. Things move on quite quickly when we have a critical bug that prevents the install from working. The daily builds for lubuntu are generated at about 5:30pm UTC, so after the meeting myself and njin both updated our install images and tried again. At about 5 minutes to 8pm when the weekly Lubuntu meeting [2] takes place we both confirmed said bug was still present. At about 8:15pm I was asked to give my report to lubuntu team about QA, I presented what was pretty much breaking news along with what information we had. The meeting progressed and finished. Immediately after the meeting our head of development (Julien) had a dig into what was going on and raised a bug report ( ). Within  5 hours the cause was found as is being chased. I'll give an update once I have some more news.

For those of you whos interest in the importance of testing has been hightened, may I point you to where you will find how to contribute and the list of the various Sub Teams, including the QA one for lubuntu.



LXFind and LXScreenshot

> Ok, i have a question, will LxFind and LxScreenshot will included in
> Lubuntu Precise? or the feature freeze is already gone?

Feature Freeze is not passed, but the application should be ready before, ideally on February 1st, to have some time to package / test / evaluate. IMO, LxFind is not ready, and will not be in time. For
Lxscreenshot, it should be tested, be sure translation support is fine, and compare it with scrot, to be sure we have at least all those features. 

From the horses mouth (Our head of Development).

The development of 12.04

With the launch of 11.10, the developbers have a very brief breathing space as ideas not implemented in 11.10 are carried over. One such 'carry over' was the Lubuntu Software Center. To kick start the 12.04 cycle there was the Ubuntu Developers Summit with Lubuntu there as a fully fledged member of the familiy :) 

Julien Lavergne at FOSSASIA 2011 in Vietnam

Julien Lavergne, lead developer of lubuntu, gave a presentation about the lubuntu project and ways to involve at the FOSSASIA conference in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam. Here are the slides.