Lubuntu 12.04 is now available

Julien Lavergne has released lubuntu 12.04. Lubuntu is a flavor of Ubuntu based on the Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment (LXDE), as its default GUI. The goal is to provide a very lightweight distribution, with all the advantages of the Ubuntu world (repositories, support, etc.). Lubuntu is targeted at "normal" PC and laptop users running on low-spec hardware. Such users may not know how to use command line tools, and in most cases they just don't have enough resources for all the bells and whistles of the "full-featured" mainstream distributions.

With many LXDE components, Lubuntu also uses well-known applications, such as Chromium, Openbox, Pidgin, to name a few. The Lubuntu project wiki contains more information on the project and the applications used available.

See the complete list of applications on:
The release notes, with a list of known problems are available on
You can find information on how to report a bug on this wiki page :

Blueprint for lubuntu 12.10

Julien Lavergne started a blueprint for lubuntu 12.10. It's a summary of tasks we are planning for 12.10. It should be the base of the discussions we will have at UDS and afterwards. The blueprint is here:

"You can use the white-board for comments. But, if you want to start a discussion for an application by default, you need some good reasons / objective arguments. You can also start a new thread on the mailing, if you want a separate discussion, but be sure to add a link to the blueprint so we keep it in mind during the discussion. The plan is to add all the topics to discussion for UDS. I would like to end the discussions about the applications by default after UDS, so we can focus on integration and testing."

Links: UDS is near San Francisco, between 7 and 11 May:

[via Julien Lavergne]

IRC Operators

It is with the most pleasure that I can announce that the people who have not only given help on our support channel at #lubuntu that they have also dealt with a person whom we do not really want on there ... aka troll. 

Well, all of the people that were put forward from lubuntu being just lubuntu to lubuntu being fully adopted have been accepted. You guys know who you are. I'd like to put on record a big thank-you to them, we do not have trolls because we a friendly and trolls hate that. 

Next up, moderators (Just don't tell them that yet :P )


P.S. don't  tell OMGUbuntu untill I have all the names :P

New Artwork for lubuntu 12.04

For everyone who does not receive information via the lubuntu mailing list..

Hello, boys and girls.
I'm proud to tell you all the Ozone theme for Lubuntu 12.04 Precise Pangolin is almost ready. But, of course, there're lots of bugs waiting for being fixed. I'll appreciate your feedback and comments if you find someting wrong or buggy.
You can download it at the usual place:

And remember, it's in development stage. Don't expect it work 100% fine.

From Rafael.

As soon as there is an easy way to grab it, I'll update.

12.04 Life of a bug.

On Wednesday 18th Jan 2012 I was having problems with my updated test image of 12.04. It installed well and the bug that was affecting the selection of the language appeared to have been squashed (That bug lived a short life, it's history can be found at ) But, more worryingly, when I started the new install my Virtual Machine went 'crazy'... Screen kept resizing and eventually it just fizzled out and hung. As there was the weekly QA (Quality Assurance / Testing) meeting scheduled for 5pm (UTC) [1] I asked about it on there when we got to the agenda item for Lubuntu. Fairly quickly one of the other QA team had verified the problem and more importantly had gotten a error message. Things move on quite quickly when we have a critical bug that prevents the install from working. The daily builds for lubuntu are generated at about 5:30pm UTC, so after the meeting myself and njin both updated our install images and tried again. At about 5 minutes to 8pm when the weekly Lubuntu meeting [2] takes place we both confirmed said bug was still present. At about 8:15pm I was asked to give my report to lubuntu team about QA, I presented what was pretty much breaking news along with what information we had. The meeting progressed and finished. Immediately after the meeting our head of development (Julien) had a dig into what was going on and raised a bug report ( ). Within  5 hours the cause was found as is being chased. I'll give an update once I have some more news.

For those of you whos interest in the importance of testing has been hightened, may I point you to where you will find how to contribute and the list of the various Sub Teams, including the QA one for lubuntu.



LXFind and LXScreenshot

> Ok, i have a question, will LxFind and LxScreenshot will included in
> Lubuntu Precise? or the feature freeze is already gone?

Feature Freeze is not passed, but the application should be ready before, ideally on February 1st, to have some time to package / test / evaluate. IMO, LxFind is not ready, and will not be in time. For
Lxscreenshot, it should be tested, be sure translation support is fine, and compare it with scrot, to be sure we have at least all those features. 

From the horses mouth (Our head of Development).

The development of 12.04

With the launch of 11.10, the developbers have a very brief breathing space as ideas not implemented in 11.10 are carried over. One such 'carry over' was the Lubuntu Software Center. To kick start the 12.04 cycle there was the Ubuntu Developers Summit with Lubuntu there as a fully fledged member of the familiy :) 

Julien Lavergne at FOSSASIA 2011 in Vietnam

Julien Lavergne, lead developer of lubuntu, gave a presentation about the lubuntu project and ways to involve at the FOSSASIA conference in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam. Here are the slides.

Lubuntu Screencast: Alsamixer

In this screencast I answer a user question regarding the sound mixer under Lubuntu and show you how to adjust your mixer volumes with alsamixer and gnome-alsamixer. 

Click to play( MP4 HD)
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Lubuntu Screencast: Browser embedded media streams with gecko-mediaplayer plugin

In this screencast I show you how to watch media streams embedded into the browser under Lubuntu with gecko-mediaplayer plugin.

Click to play (MP4 HD)
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Note: As changed its upload method I only can upload one video so WebM and OGG Videos are missing for now