Lubuntu Screencast : Turn Lubuntu in Ubuntu Look

In this Screencast I show you how to turn Lubuntu 10.04 into Ubuntu 10.04 from the look and feel perspective. You need the following: 

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Hi I want to replace the original button - i downloaded the one you had attached to your post - but it comes with Applications next to it - where is the original? also can i get your button to not have Applications next to it? Very nice screencast - my lubuntu looks good, I would like the wallpaper to be a blue Warty final though, so maybe i will change that thanks again for the screencast Nath

With Gimp you can edit the button image and delete the text simply. Make sure to crop the image around the icon after deleting the text.

Thanks What is the original location of the original button. Very quick reply Thanks

 /usr/share/lubuntu/images I guess.

Sehr nett! Wie kann man den Cursor (von LXDE nach Gnome zum Beispiel) geandert? Very nice! How can one change the cursor (from LXDE to Gnome for example)? Danke.

This is a little bit more complicated. Eine Anleitung auf Deutsch : Howto in english: 

This is now easily handled in Lubuntu 10.10. Using Synaptic, get the package dmz-cursor-theme. Once installed, you can simply add it with Customize Look and Feel -> Mouse Cursor

Thanks "anonymous" this worked for me!

I like the looks of it! I think you just forgot the trash in the bottom right corner (does lxde have a trash applet?). Also, could you have just got the wallpapers by installing the ubuntu-wallpapers pacakge? You should consider something like this for a default configuration!

Yes you can also install the ubuntu-wallpapers package but then you will also get all the other wallpapers installed. 

Very nice ! I only have one reservation : the windows' buttons... they do not look like in Ubuntu (color, shading, fading, mouseover). But you deserve congratulations for this great tutorial.

Yes Window border and buttons seem not to so easy to imitate with openbox.

There is an alternate openbox theme here: the buttons are more openboxy and try lees to mimic the metacity theme so much

I am using Peppermint-Ice and loving it. It is based on Lubuntu, of course. What I am not very thrilled about is the look. I would much prefer to have a Lubuntu theme that I could switch to instead. I assume I can get all of the bits from a Lubuntu .iso file, but where do the bits reside and how do I install them? Drag and drop or...? Cheers

You can get the Backgroundimage , Lubuntu Menu Button Image and the background image for the panel from this archive : take a look in the /usr/share/ directory. The default Icon-Theme is called elementary-monochrome I guess and you can get it either from the ubuntu software repository or from Hope this helps ;)

Very nice video, thanks a lot! My lubuntu looks like that now! :) I modded the openbox theme a bit because I didn't like the window buttons, you can find the theme ("AmbianceDV") here: They're still very different from the awesome ubuntu ambiance ones, but I think they're much better already. Now I wish I could mod lxde to have a global menu bar... :P

Fantastic - thank you. Where can I get your menu button though?

Hello, is there any way I can set some keyboard shortcuts, without much work? This is possible on Ubuntu via System→Preferences→Keyboard Shortcuts and, what is worthly to add, it works brilliant with keyboards, which have additional multimedia keys. The program I mentioned is available in a package "gnome-setting-daemon", but after installing it on Lubuntu 10.10, I still can not get rid of my problem (I guess packages beginning with "gnome" are not supposed to work on lxde (: ). The solution may be trival, but forgive me as I am a beginner.

Hy, I am using Lubuntu 11.04. I want to create my own configurated lubuntu for sharing my friends whose using win XP. I am using UCK for configurating Lubuntu and I can work in command line and mc. I can't run any application on this system, only replace and edit files. Can you suggest a solution to replace the default mouse cursors with the ubuntu's cursors. Can you write me where can I found the default mouse cursors in Lubuntu and Ubuntu? Thank you. Tom

Since I use Ubuntu on my PC and Lubuntu on my old laptop, I would like to configure Lubuntu to be as similar as possible to Ubuntu on my PC. Your tutorial and the comments were very useful. The one remaining thing which I haven't been able to do is to have something similar to my three Ubuntu pulldown menus (Applications, Places, System) at the top left. I've found four .menu files, but I'm not sure whether Lubuntu would be able to put three menus on the panel even if I managed to split the appropriate one of the menu files into three!

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