Blueprint for lubuntu 12.10

Julien Lavergne started a blueprint for lubuntu 12.10. It's a summary of tasks we are planning for 12.10. It should be the base of the discussions we will have at UDS and afterwards. The blueprint is here:

"You can use the white-board for comments. But, if you want to start a discussion for an application by default, you need some good reasons / objective arguments. You can also start a new thread on the mailing, if you want a separate discussion, but be sure to add a link to the blueprint so we keep it in mind during the discussion. The plan is to add all the topics to discussion for UDS. I would like to end the discussions about the applications by default after UDS, so we can focus on integration and testing."

Links: UDS is near San Francisco, between 7 and 11 May:

[via Julien Lavergne]


Hello! This is my first comment here so I just wanted
to give a quick shout out and tell you I really enjoy reading your articles.

Can you suggest any other blogs/websites/forums that go over the same
subjects? Many thanks!

hi? why i don't switch between Persian and English? in Ubuntu very easy but in ....

take a look here:

I didnt' really want to use the whitespace, as I have no idea how really, so I thought I would say it here. Lubuntu is really in need of a menu editor. I can understand no using LXmed, as the java dep is too much, but during the recient Ubuntu app showdown, an app called MenuLibre was submitted. I think it would be a perfect addition to Lubuntu. It is a very small, easy to use app.

Ubuntu 12 is a pile of crap and as such so is Lubuntu 12 , even the live CD is unstable ! linux builders need to get back the roots , stop trying compete with Windows ! Linux used to stand in a league of its own now it has no leg to stand on , so disappointing .

Lubuntu is my OS of choice, and I have a PC capbable of something much more hardware-demanding.

"A new version of the session manager is available, including more customizations and integration options (not enable by default, but available for testing)." 30 min search on Google, Wiki etc. and still confused :-( Everybody repeats this without explanation how to do it. What does it mean? Plain english please.

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