Blueprint for lubuntu 12.10

Julien Lavergne started a blueprint for lubuntu 12.10. It's a summary of tasks we are planning for 12.10. It should be the base of the discussions we will have at UDS and afterwards. The blueprint is here:

"You can use the white-board for comments. But, if you want to start a discussion for an application by default, you need some good reasons / objective arguments. You can also start a new thread on the mailing, if you want a separate discussion, but be sure to add a link to the blueprint so we keep it in mind during the discussion. The plan is to add all the topics to discussion for UDS. I would like to end the discussions about the applications by default after UDS, so we can focus on integration and testing."

Links: UDS is near San Francisco, between 7 and 11 May:

[via Julien Lavergne]


hi? why i don't switch between Persian and English? in Ubuntu very easy but in ....

take a look here:

I didnt' really want to use the whitespace, as I have no idea how really, so I thought I would say it here. Lubuntu is really in need of a menu editor. I can understand no using LXmed, as the java dep is too much, but during the recient Ubuntu app showdown, an app called MenuLibre was submitted. I think it would be a perfect addition to Lubuntu. It is a very small, easy to use app.

Ubuntu 12 is a pile of crap and as such so is Lubuntu 12 , even the live CD is unstable ! linux builders need to get back the roots , stop trying compete with Windows ! Linux used to stand in a league of its own now it has no leg to stand on , so disappointing .

Lubuntu is my OS of choice, and I have a PC capbable of something much more hardware-demanding.

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